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Friday, June 12, 2015

Meet the Malmroses - the heart & soul of the MTC

Fifty-one years ago today, Elder and Sister Malmrose were married.

The Malmrose's wedding day, June 12, 1963
We first met the Malmroses when we lived in Toronto.  We were very impressed with their dedication to the gospel.  As a young missionary, Elder Malmrose had served a French mission, like I did.

We remembered this fact when we served in the West Indies and asked them to come serve a senior couple mission in the West Indies, which they did.
Elder and Sister Malmrose with the French Zone after a General Conference Broadcast - West Indies 2007

After their mission to Guadeloupe, the Malmroses served a second senior couple mission to Salt Lake City, where Elder Malmrose assisted in the data base management area and Sister Malmrose in human resources.  We contacted them again, with a request this time to consider using their French, data base management, and nursing skills to come serve as a senior couple in the Ghana MTC, which they did.

Elder and Sister Malmrose, June 12, 2015  (51 years of marriage)

So MTC parents, what do the Malmroses do?  Sister Malmrose is the MTC nurse.  She makes sure they have any medical attention they need for any matter of concern - even headaches.  Elder Malmrose helps missionaries submit their family history research to the temple and manages all the data base issues in the MTC.  They love, mentor, coach, cheer and pray for the missionaries.  We are so grateful for that tender lovingkindness.  What a great way to celebrate 51 years of marriage - in Africa with the finest young people on the continent.

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