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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dr. Kissi's Legacy Here in MTC (Pioneer of Church in Ghana)

Dr. Kissi

Elder Tabi points to portriat of his grandfather, Dr. Kissi

Elder Emmanuel Abu-Kissi Tabi is the grandson of Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi and his wife.  The Kissi's had 4 children (one passed away in an accident).  Elder Tabi's father is one of those children and with his wife had 10 children.  Elder Tabi is number six and all the children older than him have served missions as well as all of the Kissi's children.

What is the background of Dr. Kissi?  One of the first converts to the Church in Ghana was Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi. For most of his life he had struggled to find spiritual fulfillment. “I had read the Bible several times and expected something more than what the churches were doing. I felt that the churches were empty, although Christianity wasn’t. I made up my mind that there must be something more than what they were teaching us, but I hadn’t found it yet.” After completing medical school, Dr. Kissi continued to study the Bible, desiring to find a church that would satisfy his idea of what one should be like.

He went to England on a medical scholarship. During his second year there, his wife struggled with health problems for many months. She had to quit her nursing job at the hospital and remain at home. He was surprised when his wife called one day to say that she was ready to return to work. She explained that two young men had come to the door and introduced themselves as missionaries preaching the word of God. During the ensuing discussion, Sister Kissi had asked them to give her a blessing. “They came and anointed her,” Dr. Kissi explained. “She said that in the presence of the anointing she felt something like an electrical movement in her, from the top down to the bottom. And when they finished, she was cured instantly.”

Dr. Kissi read the Book of Mormon,  Jesus the Christ, and A Marvelous Work and a Wonder. He strongly identified with the Prophet Joseph Smith’s testimony. “I realized that Joseph Smith had had the same problem that I had. The First Vision was very good for me. I put myself in his place and found myself enjoying every bit of his experience. It wasn’t difficult for me to understand him.”
The Kissis returned to Ghana after their baptisms and founded the Deseret Hospital in Accra. Dr. Kissi served as a counselor in the mission presidency in Ghana. He has been an Area Seventy and held other notable leadership responsibilities in the the Church in Ghana.

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