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Sunday, November 16, 2014

LDS leaders visit Africa, say 'progress is remarkable'

 The Ghana MTC trains missionaries from the Africa West area and the Africa Southeast Area.  Much of the content of this blog focuses on the Africa West Area.  It is very important to stay current with what is happening in the Africa Southeast Area.  Yesterday, the Church News reported on a recent visit of Church leaders to this area:

"The progress of the Church in the Africa Southeast Area is remarkable, said Elder Quentin L. Cook after visiting the area Oct. 15 through Oct. 27.

“We were impressed with the strength of the priesthood leadership and the unity of the members. They come from many countries with different languages and racial backgrounds, but they are united in living the culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Elder Cook of the Twelve."

"The area includes 21 countries and a membership that is culturally, ethnically and geographically diverse. Although the countries face many challenges economically, they are not currently dealing with Ebola, which has impacted western Africa. In fact, Elder Cook noted upon his return to Salt Lake City that not a single incidence of the disease has been transferred to the Church’s Africa Southeast Area from countries in west Africa.

"The area is very large — the Democratic Republic of the Congo alone covers half the area of the United States and has one of the Church’s largest French-speaking populations.
“Members work together, they love each other. It is a remarkable thing,” said Elder Cook.'"

See the rest of this Church News Story from November 15, 2014 by clicking on the link.

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