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Saturday, November 22, 2014

What surprised the newest missionaries upon arrival?

 Elder Bengel, Campbellsport Wisconsin:  "The Africans love everyone and are very friendly.  I did not expect to bond with them so quickly."
 Elder Bloomfield, Tampa Florida;  "How Africans interact by getting so close (within inches) to you."
 Elder Green, Arkansas:  "Africans eat everything, even the bones on chicken."
 Elder Bond, Mississippi:  "The intensity of the flavor of the food, such as ebba and the stew that is served with it."
 Elder Broadhead, California:  "The lack of order on the roads and the street hawkers."
 Elder Cartwright, Castle Rock, Colorado:  "The African missionaries really know their bibles.  They can refer to lots of verses."
Elder Seamon, England:  "The food and heat - steak and kidney pie about now would be lovely.  I am surprised at how difficult the MTC is and the stress level in learning so much."

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