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Thursday, November 6, 2014

King Benjamin in the MTC? And Issac?

Elder King Benjamin Izima (left) and his companion Elder Issac are good examples of being given significant names.  In 1985 when  Elder Izima's father was taught by an American senior couple, he vowed to the Lord that if the Lord would let him know the Book of Mormon was true that if he and his wife had a male child, he would name him King Benjamin.  He and his wife had four daughters, but no sons.  When Elder King Benjamin Izima was born, his father promised the Lord that he would endure to the end as he gave his son that very significant name.

Elder Issac's family name is the name of his father.  That is the tradition in many Africa countries to use the father's name as the last name. Most Africans are very religious and devoted students of the Bible and Issac is a witness to that fact.

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