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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Elder Fall - First Missionary from Burkina Faso

Elder Fall, 1st missionary from Burkina Faso with painting of first Ghana proselyter, Billy Johnson

 Elder Fall (right) with his companion Elder Gueu from Cote d'Ivoire

Elder Cheick Omar Fall is from the capitol city of Burkina Faso, poplulation 1.5 million named Ouagadougou.  His parents divorced just before he was born so when he was about 2 years old, he went to live with his uncle.  He was raised in that household, but when he was 18 he left to pursue his studies in Benin.  When he left his country he prayed to Heavenly Father that he could find a church where he could worship God.  While in Benin he often saw the missionaries, had the desire to speak with them, but did not get a chance.  One day he went to visit his cousin's family.  When he arrived the missionaries were giving  a discussion.  After the lesson, he exchanged address information with the elders, they came to his apartment at his school,  and subsequently taught him.  He was baptized during that first year in Benin. 

Since he baptism he has been attending Church in Benin, but has the desire some day to return to live in Burkina Faso and bring the gospel to the people there.

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